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Kid’s Clay Days
PD Days

PD days should be filled with laughter exploration and new experiences. Our studio provides full day offerings that encompass guided hand built clay projects, open clay exploration, and crafternoons.


A child’s openness
to explore, create and make mistakes
is an irreplaceable benefit to the future of us all.


Clay Celebrations
Birthday Parties

Celebrate the big day as clay makers!
Let your child and their friends design, form and colour individual, functional or decorative original pottery that can be enjoyed forever. Projects geared towards your child’s interests. Ready to create? - Let’s set the date!


Children have an innate desire to explore with their senses. The tactile nature of clay makes it the perfect medium to celebrate this learning journey. The guidance of our experienced, professional instructors ensures success fostering self esteem and pride within the child.


A Week in the Mud
March Break

Similar to our PD days, the march break offerings are designed to saturate your child in creativity and exploration. Mornings, afternoons or both to be filled with guided, clay work, art, craft and music stations. Yes all participants will have a chance to try the potter’s wheel during the week!